Changing from xdai to ropsten network

I'm following the Defender Meta-Transactions Workshop and as per this instruction: To run the workshop code yourself on the xDai network you will need to sign up to Defender and apply for mainnet access, or change the code to use a public testnet.

I've cupdated hardhat.config.js to use a public test net, like this

    ropsten {
      url: '',
      accounts: [process.env.PRIVATE_KEY],

however running yarn deploy returns

Error: Cannot find module '../../builtin-tasks/task-names'

Any tips on how to handle this error are greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Hey @tcassini, that error is unrelated to Defender - it looks like you didn't install a dependency on your project. I'd suggest you make sure you can run a hardhat task before trying a deployment to rule out any errors in your setup.

Thanks @spalladino ! I'll give that a try.