JSON RPC internal error when trying to Deploy with Defender

I have defender deployment script set up locally, when I propose a deplopyment I am able to find it on the Defender V2 deploy UI, but when I click on deploy and try to approve the transaction. The UI breaks and does not initiate a deployment transaction.

:computer: Environment
Defender V2 foundry deploy package


Hi could you please provide your account's tenantId, and the contract / network that is stuck?

Tenant ID: 76f13168-86f8-4029-9921-fc27501bd1ae
It is stuck for multiple contract addresses and network. I will give you one.
Redeployment of this 0xe94C4999d409e8Ca3333480CA50c41415ad5AcbE on Amoy

I was able to deploy it multiple times one week back, but it stopped going through the day I posted the query here.