chainId 31337 is not supported by OpenZeppelin Defender

hello guys, this may be a simple question but I couldn't find any information about this.

I'm deploying my upgradeable contract with OpenZeppelin Defender successfully, but when I try to run my automated tests, even the simplest test gets me to this error because I'm trying to run them locally.

Is it possible to run the Defender deployment of a Proxy and perform automated local tests?


this is the run command

npx hardhat run --network hardhat scripts/deploy.ts

and in my config I only have this

networks: {
    sepolia: {
      url: "",
      chainId: 11155111,
    hardhat: {},

Hi @Israel_Lazo, Defender deployments through the Upgrades plugins requires Defender to connect to a network that it can access, so by default it would not work with your local node.

For testing, you could consider adding a private or forked network in Defender, and connect to that network when running your Hardhat script (by configuring it in your Hardhat config file and using the --network parameter for Hardhat)