Can Sentinel Catch incoming 721 Transaction for Relayer wallet?

Hey there,

I am attempting to use the Defender Sentinel and Relayer together to initiate an autotask. I want to watch the Relayer for incoming ERC-721 tokens. These tokens are transferred in via transactions that are initiated by another wallet, i.e. the safeTransferFrom method is called by a different wallet that I am not monitoring. When I have the sentinel monitor the relayer, it doesn't seem to pickup incoming errc-721 transactions, when when I don't specify any conditions to watch for. Is there something to do about this or is this just a limitation of the Relayer x Sentinel relationship?

Hi @Jason_Maier

Thank you for reaching out!

The sentinel would not be triggered because the transaction is processed on the ERC-721 token contract, not the relayer (wallet). The ownership of the NFT is handled by the ERC-721 contract, so a transfer simply changes the mapping on the NFT contract itself from one owner to another.

To solve what you're trying to do, you should monitor the safeTransferFrom on the ERC-721 token contract where the from value is your relayer address.

Let me know if that helps!