Can't select "false" in tuple params

I am trying to input "false" on the tuple checkbox, but Defender insists on "true"

:computer: Environment
I am using Defender to make smart contract calls. The method in question has a tuple param input, and I am unable to select "false" for a boolean.

I worked on a smart contract that requires admin actions through a multi-sig. I am using OpenZeppelin Defender to carry out these transactions. A particular admin method requires params for a tuple, and I noticed that you could not select "false". it must always be "true" according to what Defender currently permits. In the image below, you will see the 2 checkboxes which represent the true/false param. Failure to check this box will make the "Add" button seem inactive. This means that you must have to tick the check boxes, and doing that means that you are inputting "true".

:1234: Code to reproduce
Explanation video: