Should ERC20 and ERC721 return true or not

Hi there,

As I was writing both ERC20 and ERC721 lately, I found out that in ERC20, functions like transfer, approve and transferFrom return the boolean value true, whereas in ERC721, the same functions don’t return any boolean value.

Can anyone please tell me if they should return true or not? Can OpenZeppelin double check on their implementations? I bet more consistency is always more favorable.

Besides, inconsistencies also happen at how input variables are cannotated: for example, in ERC20, variables like from, to have a postfix underscore, i.e., from_, to_, whereas in ERC721, the postfix is not added. Is there a reason for this as well?


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Hi @maxaero,

OpenZeppelin Contracts token implementations should follow the EIP.

ERC20 transfer returns a boolean:

ERC721 transfer doesn’t return:

There may be inconsistencies between the EIPs.

Can you give an example of inconsistencies in the OpenZeppelin Contracts implementations?

I couldn’t find from_ or to_ in the following:

I figured out that the postfixes are only used in constructors, so it may not be an issue at all.

constructor (string memory name_, string memory symbol_) {
    _name = name_;
    _symbol = symbol_;

Here as well:

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Hi @maxaero,

I assume this is to avoid clashes with the getter functions for name and symbol and the private state variables _name and _symbol

I see. That makes sense. There is a legitimate reason beyond a naming convention. Thanks.

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