Can't resolve './contracts/SimpleStorage.json'

Thank you for responding! Im really trying to get this working, I ran into another issue after attempting to run the client app, I am receiving another error when I try to launch the app.

./src/App.jsModule not found: Can't resolve './contracts/SimpleStorage.json' in 'C:\Users\NEWMONEY\Desktop\PrntPlace-main\client\src'

again thank you alot!

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Hi @420_tiesto,

I assume that your app is looking for the artifact SimpleStorage.json and it isn’t there.

You may want to look for a developer to help

It is best to create a new topic per question so that anyone in the community can answer.

As an aside, I would suggest looking at Windows Subsystem for Linux rather than developing directly on Windows: Solidity Smart Contract development on Windows

thank you, I want to hire someone to help me but I honestly couldn’t find anyone thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Also I want to learn everything myself so I will continue to try to get it working. how would I install the SimpleStorage.json file? I looked up the issue and ran

npm install bignumber.js

but It didnt change anything. =(

I was able to deploy all the contracts to the ganache blockchain also.

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Hi @420_tiesto,

I assume your dapp may have been setup to use the SimpleStorage contract:

I suggest looking at: Solidity learning resources