Cannot Remove Liquidity from LP on Pulsechain

I launched a token on Pulsechain several months ago and immediately had issues with it. Once I created the LP, no one was able to trade. Then when I attempted to remove the LP, I get an error that says, "This Transaction Would Fail." I have the LP tokens in a wallet, but can't do anything with them. I have tried the following:

  1. Attempted to remove less LP instead of max.
  2. Set the slippage to 49%.
  3. Tried to remove the LP as PLS and as WPLS.
  4. Changed the token taxes to 0.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.
The contract address is: 0x5d76751f1104bd7A708Cb6454227E99e737e7D4c
The LP address is: 0x6D7219928A4632155dd41F153d2cED8B6a4AeC21



Any ideas or help would be highly appreciated.