Cancel Proposal in Governor, is it possible?

Hi! Im creating a Governor in our system based on the OZ contracts, and I'm trying to find how to implement a cancel (public/external) by restricting to the proposer.

Unfortunately I noticed the proposer is never stored on chain so how can I implement a Cancelation with the current set of contracts?

I noticed GovernorBravo allows this because everything is stored onchain.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.


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GovernorCompatibilityBravo implements cancel in the same way as GovernorBravo.

If you don't want the full compatibility module, you could extend the Governor so that only the proposer is stored and then more or less copy GovernorCompatibilityBravo.cancel.

Can you open an issue about this? We realize that this is something we should have by default.

Thanks Fran. Unfortunately doing this seems a bit more complex, because we are not sure Tally supports this cancel signature. The only accepted signature from Tally is cancel(proposalId). And we cannot achieve that unless we store not only the proposer but also all the proposal details (because we need to call _cancel with all the specifics)

Writing the cancellation for the OZ Governor would required to pass all 4 components (targets, calldatas, etc) but that would break compatibility with existing UIs from what I see. Check no available cancel for OZ:

Also confirmed with Tally they only support the cancel(proposalId) signature.

Created the issue in Github:

Sorry I don't understand why wouldn't you/we be able to implement cancel(proposalId) with the same signature as supported by Tally? I realize it would be necessary to keep a mapping proposalId -> proposer in storage, but with that it should be enough to implement cancel(proposalId) as far as I can tell.

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Hi.. I thought the same but mapping(uint256 => ProposalCore) private _proposals; is private so I cannot update it unless I use the _cancel in the Governor that Im inheriting from. And that requires all the details of the proposal, not just the Id. The only option I have available is the _cancel(targets, calldata, ) function.

Do you see a workaround? Thanks!