Can I vote at with my Relay?

perfect. (How to bond a Relayer as a Keeper directly from the Relayer page?)
other question there is a way to be able to vote with my Relay


Hi @Bolo,

I was trying to find more information about how the voting worked in both the documentation and the forum:
Do you have any more details?

Given that we can:

I assume it should be possible to vote, we just need to work out how to do this.

Hi @Bolo,

It appears that it is off chain voting based on

So assume we would need to sign using code:

perfect. I should run this code in an autoTask

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It would seem it may also be possible for you to delegate your votes with a tx. So you could use the new Send transaction option in the Relayer, enter the Keeper contract address, and choose to delegate to, let’s say, your Metamask account. That way you can easily vote in this and any other future proposals directly from your own wallet.

As a disclaimer, I have not tested this or reviewed the code. I’m just guessing based on the documentation for the function. If you do try it out, please report back and tell us how it went! Or even better, send a PR to add a section on voting to the keep3r guide!


The Keeper needs to call delegate on the KP3R smart contract. The first param is the delegatee. The user sets this to their own address if they want to vote on their own or a different address if they want someone else to vote on their behalf.

One must delegate before the block to be able to vote on the snapshot.


Yes, exactly. You can delegate to your personal wallet for ease of use.


thanks everyone. It is working perfectly


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Great to hear!! Thanks for letting the community know.

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