Can I use an ERC1155 as a payee instead of a wallet address with Payment Splitter?

I want to use the Payment Splitter contract but instead of using a wallet address as a payee, is it possible to use an ERC1155 token?

I am looking to design a smart contract that splits royalties each month to token holders. These token holders would be able to sell off their token as an NFT, so this is the reason why I would need the payee to be a token holder rather than simply entering their wallet address.

Except you have to create a single contract where all royalties are sent and a second reward contract which divides and sends the royalties to only holders of that token or nft

This will not work with an ERC1155 out of the box but you can definitely add logic to an ERC1155 contract for token holders to claim rewards proportionally to their balance. A naive implementation will not be correct, so be mindful when you implement it.

Thank you for your reply.

Thank you for your insight.