PaymentSplitter Contract with existing NFT's

Hi all,

Currently I'm picking up a project which is just a basic NFT marketplace. The current implementation has payment splitting through two-three web3.send functions (depending on the split) and I want to make use of the PaymentSplitter contract.
I've attempted to add in the PaymentSplitter contract through the main NFT creation contract in the constructor. However when I migrate/deploy to Ganache it requires those constructor fields.
What would be the best way to tackle this. Deploying the contract every time someone goes to buy the NFT using the NFT contract? Or would it be better in fees/hassle to deploy a separate payment contract using the Payment Splitter contract on the fly?


Normally you would deploy the PaymentSplitter once, with your required configuration, and then reuse it for every payment.

Is there a version where you can update the user shares?

Dynamic shares are not supported at the moment. Feel free to share your use case so we can consider prioritizing it.