Payment Splitter addPayee after initialization

Hello I have NFT Smart Contract and I need to distribute royalties. I found out that the Payment Splitter will be amazing for that scenario however I don't know all of the payees when NFT Smart Contract is initialized. I need to add the third payee member when he is minting the NFT but I can see the addPayee function is private, do you have any suggestion, how would you handle this case. There will be in total 3 payees addresses. 2 of them are known when the collection is created and the 3rd one is known when the nft is minted how to add this address to the payment splitter or some separate logic which will be helpful

I think you can just define it yourself and put a proper permission structure on it, something like:

contract CustomPaymentSplitter is Ownable, PaymentSplitter {
    function addPayee(address payee_, uint256 shares_) onlyOwner { 
        _addPayee(payee_, shares_);

EDIT: If it's private, you may have to override the _addPayee function and/or implement it yourself.

Yes it is private, i was wondering is this the correct approach and how other platforms are distributing royalties

It is not possible to addPayee after initialization, because doing that requires a more complex implementation than what we have currently.