Can Defender be used on Hedera network?

Does Defender work on Hedera network?

:computer: Environment
Hedera network

I'm interested in writing an escrow contract to be used on Hedera network using USDC.
Transaction fees are extremely low, i.e. .0001USD per transaction, according to this article:,amount%20of%20USDC%20being%20transferred).
The contract will make a deal between OP of a question and consultant helping.
OP will initialise a contract while transacting the deal amount, while the consultant should not pay for any fees (they still need to sign the contract to trigger state changes, also for negotiation, arbitration etc); and there the escrow contract will take care of this) (-> This relates to meta-transactions).

Can I achieve this using Defender on Hedera?
I haven't seen it on the list of supported networks.
If not, I have to write my own implementation (?).

:1234: Code to reproduce
I don't have an example yet.
I have create some boilerplate code for implementing minimal proxies / upgradeable contracts using your framework though. Hedera supports solidity smart contracts.

Guess the answer is that it isn't supported (yet?).
No problem, I'll try to make some custom implementation.