Bep-20 verification troubles

Good morning community.

I state that I am a total neophyte, but at this point, I no longer know if I am doing the right things, how they should be done or not.
Premise: three months ago I created a bep-20 token through an online application and I created a presale.
Due to my inexperience, despite having created a nice project behind the token, I could not verify the contract even edit the token information to make it "visually real"

Two days ago, I created a new bep-20 token via a different platform (so again, I never wrote a line of smart contract).
The problem now is, that on bscscan I get " Similar Match Source Code
Note: This contract matches the deployed ByteCode of the Source Code for Contract...".

When I try to Verify the address for ownership:

Contract Created By Contract

We are not able to automatically verify and assign the ownership of this contract address. Please refer to and follow the instructions in our article [here] and [contact us] afterward with the required signed message.

I followed the guide, and sent the signature (I think I did everything right).

I wonder, is there anyone who can help me understand if I will ever be able to verify, put a damn logo to my token and update it on bscscan when needs update?
Or, after three months of disappointments and email "copy and paste" of bscscan is it appropriate to let it go?

I leave a generic one of my contact here

Ps: I do not use telegram