Help with verify and publish code on bscan

Hi! I hope this is the correct place to post my question. I tried this post, but couldn't get the verification to work:

I made an ERC20 token with the OZ wizard(permit is not included), 100 000 000 tokens preminted, security email is added, MIT license. I compiled this on remix(compiler verions 8.2.6fa7a, Solidity, EVM Paris version) and used wallet connect to transfer it to metamask. The token was sucessfully added to meta and I can send and receive transactions. But I can not verify it on bscan, not matter what I do. Can someone please help me? I have the contract address if needed.

Hello @ArakelTheDragon

This doesn't look like a "stable" release of the compiler. Maybe that explains (part of) the issue.

Its the latest version on Remix, can you please tell me which version is considered stable?

Any of these:

Did you flatten it and then use the flattened code to verify? That's what I've had to do.