Basic Features Question + ERC20 - is that also BEP20 / BSC?

Hi all,

I have a few questions, nothing too advanced.

I've been looking around and it seems like OpenZeppelin is the go-to for smart contracts but in their docs I only see stuff for ERC.

Based on an example contract on Binance for a basic BEP-20 coin -

That's what I've been playing around with.

How do you add basic features like Auto Liquidity to pancakeswap and buy/sell tax to a 'owner wallet'?

I'll gladly pay for any assistance or guidance, Solidity just doesn't seem to click in my head.

OpenZeppellin (OZ) maintains high quality smart contract libraries written in Solidity that can be compiled into Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) byte code. This byte code can be deployed to any blockchain that uses the EVM as its state transition layer. Binance Smartchain (BSC) happens to be EVM compatible so anything you write based on OZ libraries can be deployed not only to Ethereum but also to BSC (and lots of other chains for that matter).

The BEP20 standard is an extension of ERC20 standard (really they are almost identical if you look at IBEP20.sol and IERC20.sol), so if you want to add a feature to your BSC token, you could certainly inherit the OZ ERC20 contract and add any addition function to it you'd like as long as it doesn't break the underlying API required by the ERC20/BEP20 standard. I'm personally not familiar with the token function requirements for pancakeswap specifically, but I thought I'd share this info in this thread as EVM compatibility is easy to be confused by if you are new solidity or smart contract development.

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