Can OpenZeppelin ERC20 Contracts Be Used On Binance Smart Chain?

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Hope you guys are doing well, and pardon the ignorance. I'm new to smart contract development. I have been working on an ERC20 token that was going to be deployed to Ethereum's blockchain, but after seeing how ridiculously expensive gas prices were, I decided to migrate to another chain. My question is, is it possible to reuse what I already have in ERC20 (which is an upgradable smart contract with roles, minting, and burning) and simply deploy that to Binance Smart Chain? Also, if you guys have any resources that you could share to better understand how to set up truffle with BSC and other tips it would be very much appreciated. Looking forward to your answers!

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Sorry, I am not familiar with the BSC-Chain, maybe you should ask for help in their forum: Home | Binance Chain Forum

And I think yes, cause they have the same EVM.

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Yes BSC is EVM compatible so you should be able to deploy it.

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Thank you! A few hours after posting this question, I stumbled upon an article that spoke about this. It is very convenient that the Binance Smart Chain is compatible with EVM because Ethereum fees are ridiculous. I was able to deploy the upgradeable ERC20 smart contract that I built using OpenZeppelin's library without having to change anything. Very happy with the outcome! And I was able to do so at a fraction of the cost.

I stumbled upon an article that dove a bit deeper into Binance Smart Chain and I was able to deploy my Upgradeable ERC20 smart contract without any issues or code changes.

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