Auto liquidity. Not sure how it works


I recently deployed a contract

Can someone please explain how the auto liquidity functionality works? Where do I check to see if the auto liquidity works? I saw a few contracts that use the same functions, so it means that it works, but I just don't know where to look.

Thank you

from what I see in the code, as soon as your contract balance reach "numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity" amount, and a sell or a transfer happens, it will swaps and add liqudity

This part somewhat concerns me. The swapAndLiquify function can be triggered by anyone, which means somebody is going to pay the extra gas fees for adding liquidity. Would that be an issue?

absolutly not, this is how it shoudl work

Not sure if anyone has complained about it. If no one complains about it, then it is fine. It does seem to have some room for improvement.

Hello. Thank you for replying.

From what I see numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity is set to _tTotal;

uint256 private _tTotal = 420420420420420420420420;
uint256 private numTokensSellToAddToLiquidity = _tTotal;

How does that work? Very confused. So I shouldn't add any liquidity as the owner? Just let this handle liquidity?

If I add liquidity with my owner account manually, let's say I add 30% of the total tokens minted, does this mean that the contract will need to accumulate the missing 30% and then swap and add liquidity?

Does this create liquidity in PancakeSwap using the owner wallet? So if I connect the owner wallet to PancakeSwap will I see the liquidity?

I don't think that the investor adds liquidity. The contract does. If I'm understanding this.

Yes, but who's paying the gas fee for adding liquidity?

Paid by the contract out of the tokens that have accumulated from the liquidity fee? That's how it makes sense to me.

The users when make transactions

In this way it will swap only when the contract balance is = total supply. Strange to see this

So this is wrong? So what if there's a charity wallet ... that does the same as the liquidity. Collects x% of transactions, and once a week or once a month I would swap the tokens for BNB and add liquidity. Is that possible? Or does the auto liquidity do more?

Do you know any contract that has auto liquidity enabled that from your point of view works and doesn't have any bugs that I can take a look at?

Where does the contract get tokens from? What is the contract balance? I that the fees that are taken by uint256 public _liquidityFee = 2; ?

This contract balance can be queried here? Method 9?