Adding more liquidity for growing demand

My smart contract was created by another dev and I want to know if there is a way to add liquidity from the contract itself for our growing demand. We don't have a auto-liquidity function like safemoon. Would I have to swap tokens from our contract into BNB and then add on PCv2 or is there a better way? Please let there be a better way.

Contract address:

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Sorry, I think the contract address you share above is not valid, so I am not sure for your contracts.

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This is our contract:

Yeah, your contract does not have a function to add liquidity automatically, so you have got to do this by another transaction, maybe you can write a contract to do this.

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Since your contract is a BEP20 can add liquidity externally to LeoXL token on Pancakeswap by depositing a certain amount of BNB and LeoXL tokens.
However, if you want to add liquidity within the contract, you will need to write another addLiquidity.sol contract that will intereact with your smart contract and provide liquidity from an EOA address.