Attempting proposals with TimelockController in Defender

I am attempting tests to make proposals using a deployed TimelockController from within Defender.
The tests are on Goerli and the contract I want to change/update is this, which we can call MockChainlinkPriceFeed.

The method I am trying to call through the TimelockController is setPriceFeedData(), which simply changes/updates the price returned by this dummy MockChainlinkPriceFeed contract.

To simplify things, I added no access-control restrictions to the method setPriceFeedData(). Therefore, technically anyone can call it to change the pricefeed values for testing purposes.

When I get to the point of making the proposal from within the admin page of MockChainlinkPriceFeed, and prepare all the information for an update, I see that at the bottom right corner the "Create admin action" button is still grayed out. This does not allow me to proceed.

I would like to either flag this is a problem or please let me know what I am doing wrong.

I am attaching a screen-shot to show what I am talking about:

Hi @dcota

There is one missing step in your setup and i'll admit it isnt exactly clear: you need to choose a multisig or an EOA to be the executor of the timelock by clicking either one of the checkboxes in the execution strategy. Choose whichever address you set in the proposer field when setting up the timelock

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