Accessing oz SDK via Terminal HexCLI

Currently I am using/considering the following:

  • Visual Studio Code as my IDE
  • OpenZeppelin SDK to deploy upgradeable smart contracts
  • Ganache-CLI for local blockchain dev
  • SKALE side chain for scalability
  • GraphQL for hosted API &/or off-chain DB

Instead of having several windows/tools open, currently testing Terminal as my one tooling

Checking to see if anyone else is using a similar stack?

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Hi @pkr,

Can you share some information on your experience using Terminal?
What operating system are you using?

There is a topic on development environments: What is your smart contract development environment setup?

Happy Monday @abcoathup

It has been a good experience working with Terminal thus far. The team is very responsive.

I am using Mac OS.

Thanks for sharing the link on development environments. Quite interesting there are so many variations of tooling and slight changes to them might break the cycle.

I am looking forward to the day where troubleshooting becomes heaps easier, as I can just add you to my team terminal workspace and you can have a look at all the web3 objects right at source.

Let me know if you have your terminal account setup, and want to take it for a spin.

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