Will OpenZeppelin work on the polygon network?

Hi, will crowdsale contracts deployed on Polygon will this exactly the same as it would it deployed on the ethereum main net. the contract is as default and will enable individuals to participate by sending ETH to the crowdsale address.

However I wanted to confirm on this point in relation to the Polygon network and ETH deposits to the crowdsale contracts on this network.

Thanks in advance

anyone got an answer to my query?

Your grammar is incorrect. Please read through your post again. Reformulate. And repost.

In many cases normal ETH based smart contracts can be deployed on Polygon if that's what you mean.

Sorry. English isn't actually my first language.

What I mean is that I deployed the crowdsale smart contract on Polygon what would participants of the crowdsale have to send in order to receive tokens. Ether or Matic?

The answer is: Matic.

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Yes OpenZeppelin Contracts will work on Polygon. And instead of ETH users will need to use MATIC.

More specifically, one has to BRIDGE ETH to MATIC on Opensea. So will the bridged ETH to MATIC work for the MATIC Open Zeppelin contract?