Why OpenZeppelin discontinued update on TokenVesting Contract

Hi all, just curious to know. OpenZeppelin has been a great house for getting highly secured open-sourced solidity smart contracts. Recently, I tried implementing a Token Vesting feature for one of my projects, and quickly I realized that OpenZeppelin has done a great job in their Github Repo, however, the solidity code was written using sol version 0.5 (I could easily convert this to 0.8 using core implementation logic)

I love to know why OpenZeppelin has discontinued the update or introduce me to better ways of achieving the same functionality. New to production-ready DApps

Big thanks to everyone behind the OpenZeppelin source code. You all rock!


All crowdsale-related contracts were removed from the OpenZeppelin Contracts library on the v3.0.0 release due to both a decline in their usage and the complexity associated with migrating them to Solidity v0.6.

They are however still available on the v2.5 release of OpenZeppelin Contracts, which you can install by running:

$ npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@v2.5

Refer to the v2.x documentation when working with them.

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Thanks @JulissaDantes for the response.

So what it means now is that I will have to use sol version 0.5 in the smart contract that is inheriting from the Crowdsales contract? Will this cause me to change my entire codebase to sol 0.5?

Finally, I like to know if this approach is secure(Using an old sol version)? Thanks