CrowdSale modules supported on OpenZeppelin 4x?

CrowdSale modules support on Openzeppelin 4x

it appears that the CrowdSale modules are no longer included on OpenZeppelin 4x?
I've been trying to implement a crowdsale code that wouldn't work with Openzeppelin.
My local version does not include imports such as those:


If these modules have been retired, is there an alternative?


:1234: Code to reproduce

import "@openzeppelin/contracts/crowdsale/Crowdsale.sol";

"not found @openzeppelin/contracts/crowdsale/Crowdsale.sol"

:computer: Environment

Openzeppelin 4x

for future reference the answer to the question is here:

All crowdsale-related contracts were removed from the OpenZeppelin Contracts library on the v3.0.0 release due to both a decline in their usage and the complexity associated with migrating them to Solidity v0.6.

They are however still available on the v2.5 release of OpenZeppelin Contracts, which you can install by running:
"npm install @openzeppelin/contracts@v2.5"