Where can I get dividendTracker if I need create it together with token?

Hello, I have full code for my token line this code.
But like you can see in the screen, the list of adresses require four addresses (contract for rewards, router address and marketing wallet. These addresses I knwo before but next there is also "dividendTracker". But I noticed that this code will create dividendTracker about himself, or not?

So which value shold be in fourth place as a dividendTracker?
I can´t keep this field empty.
Thank you for answer

:1234: Code to reproduce

:computer: Environment

just put random address, deploy the contract and see the div contract on Read Contract, copy and paste the div address on updateDividendTracker function

But if I do this, I would see there the random putted address, or not?

no, because you already change the address to the actual div tracker as I said

But I think that decompilation won´t be without bugs in this case or no?

I can't understand your point