What should I do if I call the wrong method of contract ProxyAdmin?

The upgrade method should be called to upgrade to the new contract,But I called the changeProxyAdmin method by mistake, and the second parameter is an ordinary address.Can I still upgrade normally in this case?

Deployer Address:0x1111BfeC20084C2da4283d61A901C2516B4bC26A (bsc testnet)
The Tx Hash:0xad9307043ab756e2ce7739ed00e48641310954ea5acccb57bf513f698b5599c9


It seems like you use the transparent proxy pattern, in this pattern, a ProxyAdmin contract can control many Proxy contracts.

And in your case, you want to call upgrade(proxy, implementation), but you call changeProxyAdmin(proxy, newAdmin), so I think the ProxyAdmin has lost the right to control the Proxy. And for the Proxy contract, its new admin is the implementation contract.

Am I no longer able to upgrade successfully?

I think you are not able to upgrade successfully.

The new owner of your Proxy is your Implementation contract, so this depends on your Implementation contract, does it have the function named changeProxyAdmin()?

It's not a contract address ,only a common address.

So it is an EOA address, right? If so, I think you cannot upgrade again.
Always write some test cases in the local environment and then do the actual operation.

Yes,It's an EOA address.