upgradeProxyAdmin is not changing the ProxyAdmin of my Proxies

Hi everyone, I have a proxy at: 0xf9A1FE48FEb1dFBA8D106172ceafBd33175ED900. I want to change the AdminProxy of this Proxy using the:

    await upgrades.admin.changeProxyAdmin(addresses.matic.pass, newProxyAdmin);

but when I try to check the new ProxyAdmin it does not change! What may cause this problem?
I've deployed a new ProxyAdmin contract at: 0x8F2D89e0526a49d31C8dAd1e9176bFcb6000b823.
This is the ProxyAdmin I want to use for my Proxy contracts.

The admin of that proxy is https://polygonscan.com/address/0x8cfc0974780dDa5D754FFc52C00184d52994B3BE which is an EOA, not a contract. So you would have to use the account 0x8cfc0974780dDa5D754FFc52C00184d52994B3BE to call the TransparentUpgradeableProxy's changeAdmin function.

Thanks @ericglau. Cristal clear

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