What is the best way to propose an extension for an ERC?

Hi community,

I have designed an extension for ERC1155 that I think solves a problem with the original design and I want it to be studied and used soon.

I was going to open an issue on Open Zeppelin's GitHub and create a PR but as I have never contributed either, I would like to know the best way to do this.

Can someone give me some kind of guide?
Thanks in advance!

Hello @Ivanovish10

Depending on your extension you could possibly make that an ERC.
The first step would be to discuss you idea on the ethereum magicians forum, and then propose the result of the discussion an a new ERC following the format and the process described in EIP1.

Hi @Amxx .

Extensions should also be proposed for ERC?

I would love to have the support and opinion of the Open Zeppelin community even opening the discussion on that website. I have the extensions implemented in a repository with the whole idea explained.

Thanks for all

EDIT: Follow my proposal : https://ethereum-magicians.org/t/working-draft-new-extension-for-erc1155/9177


  • ERC777 is an extension of ERC20
  • ERC2612 is an extension of ERC20
  • ERC3156 is an extension of ERC20
  • ERC4626 is an extension of ERC20
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