What exactly it is "hub" in smart contracts?

Hello i have a question about what exactly means "hub" in smart contract, my english is not the best but the translation says is a "center" and i think is more than that, some one can explain to me what exactly can do a smart contract hub ? , or what exactly means ?, for example y find this 3 files in a fork that i make, but i dont know what exactly is the objetive for this files :

folder => hub
- Hub.sol
- HubInterface.sol
- HubLib.sol

If exist some documentation or posts that say what exactly means "hub" i really apreciate, i wanna learn more about this to understand more about what exactly means that smart contract, i am thinking is like a "main" like in javascript file, but i am not sure
Thanks for read, i hope can understand my question :heart:

"Hub" isn't a common concept in smart contracts or anything. It just looks like some project's name or concept.

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thanks for the answer, i take another look in the smart contracts functions and you are right, is only a name for a custom smart contract, this hub contract manage the access control for the marketplace, so in this "hub" smart contract you can grant acess and revoke persmissions for an address and include some Tokens ERC20 in a whitelist for use like a fee