What Ethereum public testnet(s) do you use?

  • Ropsten
  • Rinkeby
  • Goerli
  • Kovan

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To give more context, feel free to reply with why you use a particular testnet.

Based on @rstormsf poll what Ethereum testnet do you use today via Twitter


I use Rinkeby when testing NFTs with OpenSea

I used Goerli for testing a burner wallet

I also use Ropsten for playing Ethernaut (forgot to add my vote to this)

Kovan is changing to 4 second block times (from 12 seconds) as part of an upgrade.

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Any particular reason?

Same here

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@rstormsf what about your twitter poll? Any conclusions? :slight_smile:

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Trust Wallet uses OpenSea for Crypto Collectible metadata. So if I want collectibles to display in Trust, I need to check that they display in OpenSea, which only supports Rinkeby testnet.
I am a fan of collectibles, especially on mobile.

With Kovan moving to 4 second blocktimes, it would be awesome if Goerli was faster too.
It was strange to test a burner wallet on Goerli and then move to production on xDAI with 5 second block times.