What are "ERC-20 Tokens Transferred"

Here is a random transaction with an element that I do not understand well: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xc2ebe62e7ad936010c23bb0ec0683caffb1dccd39af6c6fcfc496bf34c68c7ac

I see that the sender of the transaction interacts with a smart contract. There are others transaction labelled "ERC-20 Tokens Transferred" resulting from the transaction.

I don't understand how the "from" address of those ERC-20 transactions can be different from the address of the sender. Could you explain ?

Hi, welcome to the community! :wave:

I think this is a common case, e.g if you want to swap DAI to get some ETH by 1inch(a dex aggregator), so

  • The DAI will transfer from your account to 1inch aggregator contract (from is your account)
  • Maybe it will use uniswap pair, so the DAI will transfer from 1inch aggregator contract to uniswap DAI-ETH pair (At here, the from changed, it is now be the 1inch aggregator contract)

I think the ERC-20 Tokens Transferred shows the trail of token transfers. It is useful in a complex transaction, it shows some details.