We want our users to pay for gas fees in fiat

I am from a country that has no clear crypto laws, consequently, a lot of the users are afraid of getting into cryptocurrencies, and also a lot of banks also have stopped supporting crypto exchanges rendering them useless.

We made a platform where users can reach out to anybody by paying for their time (We are targeting micro/macro Influencers). The whole platform runs on smart contracts and is deployed on Celo ( Low gas fee and faster block times). We are getting feedback that we should support fiat as our users don't want to buy crypto. Here is the possible solution but with a catch:

  1. Users deposits fiat on our platform.
  2. We use meta-tx to send their transactions i.e paying for gas fees.
  3. Convert the fee paid into fiat and deduct it from their deposit.

In the whole process, End users wouldn't have to worry about Celo or any other crypto. They won't be subjected to any BS crypto laws since they are not trading/owning crypto while interacting with our platform.

Catch: In step 2, Users also have to send Celo (msg.value and The amount depends on the receiver of the message) with the transaction. IMK, Meta-tx doesn't support payable transactions. Is there any workaround?

This is a very broad topic that currently has no out of the box solution (as far as I know).

Is there a concrete question we could try to help with?