Pay transfers in tokens instead of gas

Hello, I need some help!

My group is developing some decentralized application with blockchain (bitcoin and an ERC20 token), the application does not show the ether balance and no function in ether, well, that’s good, but when I try to send this tab, it shows an error for this gas price, we need this

I read this

but I need a little help, all applications are decentralized, I need some applications in the backend to send the transaction? there will be a project where I can review and know where to start?

Thank Very much


Welcome @J-Ibarra!

Yes, you will need a server in the backend to send the transaction. This server is usually known as a relay, and this whole issue of allowing users to send transactions without ether is known under the name of meta-transactions. It’s a hot topic lately. Check out for some resources.

Note that this doesn’t compromise the decentralization of your application, because the relayers don’t need to be managed by you.


thank very much, well I study more about the topic, tomorrow I say the progress, some dude, the token need other functions, or the apps generate the hash of transaction and send the backend and the backend send this transaction, or need other function transferPreSigned or another

As relay which one do you recommend @frangio ?
one with some specific installation how to for running on mainnet i mean
thank you

It depends on what implementation of meta transactions you’re planning to use.

I would encourage you to check out the Gas Stations Network, which is a decentralized meta transaction relaying system that we’re helping to push forward. It’s at an early stage, but there is a relay that you should be able to download and run at