Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted]

Hi, i want to use "addLiquidity" function in my contract but i recevive this error " Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted ]"
Here is my contract address 0xe5d1F971DB75d04010A1D8cdf29053b02f37F7d8
it also verified so you can see the codes

No contract at this address on the Ethereum chain.
Please specify exactly which chain you are executing your transaction on.
If the contract source code is not verified on that chain, then please provide it.
Please describe exactly how you are executing this transaction (including the input values passed to the contract function).

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i deploy it on goerli chain

if this is you, you are not providing any ETH

what should i do?
send ETH to contract or something else?

it say the contract only can accept ETH from WETH contract in "receive" function
i don't know what it mean