Error: Execution Reverted by the EVM

Hi guys, I have a question. I am executing my contract in the Backend and I am adding a price to my mining in Backend, when I execute it with the price indicated it sends me an Error: Execution Reverted by the EVM. I can't understand why. This is a part of my function and price validation.

function makeItem(IERC721 _nft, uint _tokenId, uint _price) external nonReentrant {
        require(_price > 0, "Price must be greater than zero");
        // increment itemCount
        itemCount ++;
        // transfer nft
        _nft.transferFrom(msg.sender, address(this), _tokenId);
        // add new item to items mapping
        items[itemCount] = Item (
        // emit Offered event
        emit Offered(

Have you approved the transfer from your wallet's nft so that this contract is allowed to transfer it?

Yes, in fact the function was tested in Frontend and if it fulfills the processes of mining and interaction with the contract but with Backend it seems that something is missing. Where I have investigated mostly they say it's because of the require, but I'm not sure that's it.

Can you provide the code you used to call the function and a transaction log so we can see the error?