Wanted: list of resources, tools

Thanks for the articles (The crypto in cryptocurrencies (and beyond))! It would be cool to have a list of useful resources, tools maybe, exchange sites. I recently found this one https://changehero.io/ and it would be nice to hear your opinion.

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Hi @ljuset,

Welcome to the community :wave:

What sort of resources, tools are you after?

When using centralized exchanges I would be cautious with who you use.
You should consider the risks of what information that you provide and the amount of funds you store with them. You also need to ensure that you comply with any and all regulations in your jurisdiction.

My experience has only been with large multinational exchanges or smaller exchanges with a local base in my country.

For DEXs I have only used Uniswap, and for NFTs OpenSea.

I read the following article predicting CEXs role becoming more focused on fiat on/off ramps and the rise of DEXs that you might find interesting.