Want an example of ERC918 Mineable Token and how it can be mined?

Hi, @abcoathup
I wont to learn how I can deploy an ERC918 Mineable Token and How I can mine using my GPU or CPU.

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Hi @Rahaman,

I hadn’t heard of this EIP before.

I suggest looking at the EIP itself https://eips.ethereum.org/EIPS/eip-918
There are some example implementations listed in the EIP:

Simple Example: https://github.com/0xbitcoin/EIP918-Mineable-Token/blob/master/contracts/SimpleERC918.sol

Complex Examples:

https://github.com/0xbitcoin/EIP918-Mineable-Token/blob/master/contracts/0xdogeExample.sol https://github.com/0xbitcoin/EIP918-Mineable-Token/blob/master/contracts/0xdogeExample2.sol https://github.com/0xbitcoin/EIP918-Mineable-Token/blob/master/contracts/0xBitcoinBase.sol

You could try deploying some of the examples. Though it looks like they were last updated two years ago so I don’t know if any more was done with this concept.

As always, I suggest looking at Points to consider when creating a fungible token (ERC20, ERC777)

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I have deployed successfully but I don’t have knowledge how to setup and mine this ERC918 Token. If any one help me, please.

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Hi @Rahaman,

You might want to contact the EIP authors to see if they have examples of this.

Assuming this is a two year old concept, you might not find much more information if no one did any more with this.