Erc 998, the legend of

i’m wanting a developer to help me understand erc 998 and/or implement. it’s so much more difficult and rarer than erc 721, which is what i’m still getting familiar with. the hope is that by teaming up with a high level dev and defeating a difficult dragon (erc 998) we can both get a lot of xp. will pay _ LINK tokens if you keep me alive. Call it wingbird:

yours truly,
tippi fifestarr

Any context? Token logics come naturally if the context is made clear.

have you ever played D&D?

Which D&D, Dungeons & Dragons?

Yes, that game where a player controls a burnable, updatable Collectable Character with public variables and semi-immutable qualities. Have you played?
I’m playing with friends (finally!), and to incentivize the fun I’d like to mint us NFTs one by one!