Verifying issues on BSCScan - can't find imported .sol files

Hi there,

i tried to verify a contract (tiki fork) but im running into some issues verifying it on BSCScan. I’m using remix and the compiler doesn’t spit out any issues when importing all the .sol files and they can be found. Yet when i try to verify the contract on BSCScan, it tells me that it can’t find the imported .sol files.

It shows me the following issue:

I have the feeling this is a pathing issue somehow?

The path for all the included .sol files are in the following format :
import “./DividendPayingToken.sol”;
import “./IterableMapping.sol”;

Anyone got any idea what could cause this? I also added the IterableMapping part while verifying so it couldn’t be because of that.


i got a problem with versifying of the contract address i have used the (tikifork) contract address some how i am not able to verify the contract address

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Try to use Hardhat or Truffle to verify contracts, it is easier.

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I'm having the same issue I verified the contract source code but I can't verify the proxy contract