Verify Proxy code on Etherscan

I have used the openzeppelin verify command and that worked fine: I can read my contract source-code at Ropsten/Etherscan.

Howerver, I also would like to verify the Proxy contract source-code. How is that possible?

Thanks id advance.

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Hi @nogueiradalmeida welcome to the community :wave:

Glad you can verify the logic contract using OpenZeppelin SDK.

I haven’t got a process yet for verifying the Proxy contract on Etherscan. I will update when I do.

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The Proxy verification would be also very useful to interact through those block explorers.
Are you going to open an issue for that?
Thank you so much!

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Hi @nogueiradalmeida,

I agree, proxy verification would be very useful.
There is an open issue for verifying proxy contracts:

For anyone trying to manually verify the problem with version 2.5.3 of OpenZeppelin (September 2019 ), I was able to verify InitializableAdminUpgradeabilityProxy.sol with the following parameters:

  • Compiler version: v0.5.3+commit.10d17f24
  • Optimization: None
  • EVM Version: Default

I used truffle-flattener to flatten the contracts directly in my node_modules.

You can find the verified contract here.

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