Verify AdminUpgradeabilityProxy on Ropsten

Hi! Is it possible to verify AdminUpgradeabilityProxy without buidler?
I’m using the following functions
const { deployProxy, upgradeProxy } = require('@openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades');
to manage proxies in my projects. truffle migrate automatically deployed AdminUpgradeabilityProxy on 0xb06276d8D33cd07D9b44785f0445c1795748a04d in ropsten. However I have no idea how to verify this proxy.
In particular: i’m using solidity 0.6.2, however I’m not sure that AdminUpgradeabilityProxy is compiled on my machine before deployment anyway: I can’t find contract code in @openzeppelin/truffle-upgrades, so i’m not sure which version of the compiler and settings was used.
I tried to flatten AdminUpgradeabilityProxy from and verify it on etherscan, but again exact compiler settings are unknown to me (i tried with solc 0.5.0 due to pragmas).
Btw, I’m not the only one who use this proxy version on ropsten (, but nobody else has verified code and i’m not sure it is verified on mainnet.

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I think the proxy contract is at here:

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It seems like the contract has been verified.

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Hi @EmkoK,

Welcome to the community :wave:

I have verified the proxy and ProxyAdmin contracts on several public networks. I will go through and verify the remaining public testnets.
I am using the following method using Buidler Etherscan plugin: Verify Upgrades Plugins proxy on Etherscan

@Skyge is right (Thank you :pray:), the proxy and ProxyAdmin contracts are here:

The contracts are precompiled with Solidity 0.6.8 and optimization disabled.

Though it looks like a community member has verified a flattened version (my preference these days is multi-file verification).

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Thanks for spending your time on this issue! Contracts are indeed in and parameters of compilation were here
So I flattened and verified it last night, but forgot to update this thread.

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