Verify beaconProxy on avalanche Fuji testnet

beaconproxies in avalanche fuji testnet appear unverified, upgradeable beacon is however verified, its just the proxies have been unverified,
tried verifying following this post :

am getting issues with constructor args decoding, confused on how to proceed, any help would be appreciated

deployed the master and beacon using hardhat

tried verifiying on using solc-input.json

If you look at the transaction that created the proxy, the last part of the contract creation bytecode ("Input Data" on Etherscan) would be the encoded constructor arguments. For a beacon proxy, the first argument is the beacon address.

For example with this transaction which uses beacon 0xb018fe151b1e71d08b80e72a993f3e1f13c0e3c3, the constructor arguments are the last part of the string, in this case everything starting from 000000000000000000000000b018fe151b1e71d08b80e72a993f3e1f13c0e3c3...

Or you can share the address of your proxy and we can help to verify it.