Using ZeppelinOS framework on Mainnet/Production


We have been working through the ZeppelinOS documentation and framework in order to evaluate its use for a mainnet/production application. We know that the underlying Zeppelin libraries are in use for many mainnet applications and smart contracts but we wanted to check whether the current ZeppelinOS deployment and upgrade framework is stable/matured enough for mainnet/production application? Does anyone have any experience or view on this?



ZeppelinOS is ready for use in production.

The contracts on every release have been audited by a separate company.

There are a number of teams using ZeppelinOS on mainnet, they include:

Great! Thanks for the information…

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Feel free to ask all the questions you need @roy.batty

It would be awesome if you could share any of your criteria for evaluating using ZeppelinOS.

If you want to let the community know more about yourself and the project that you are working on you can Introduce yourself here!

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