Using relays as a dedicated production escrow or wallet

Hello! I have a general question about Defender relays and their use. Is it acceptable to use a relay as an escrow, say for receiving donations or tips, so that they are not tied to a specific person and for better transparency?

Likewise, let’s say an organization has a wallet with funds for various purposes. Is it acceptable and safe to use a relay to hold those funds, so they can be spent, chained, or automated without keeping them in someone’s wallet?

One other question: if tokens are sent to the relayer that are not the primary currency (e.g. an ETH relayer is sent UNI), I’m assuming those tokens can be withdrawn via code but not the dashboard?

Thank you!

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Hey @sion42x! Relayer private keys are stored in a secure key vault, meaning only your team can send transactions from it. And you can use the “Withdraw funds” option in the relayer dashboard to send funds in both ETH and in several other currencies, such as DAI or USDC.

Screenshot from 2021-04-12 15-19-03

That said, escrow is not the main use case for a Relayer.

If you’re looking for something where to keep funds for an organization, I’d strongly suggest going with a multisig wallet instead, such as Gnosis Safe. This will allow you to have on-chain control of who can manage the funds, plus on-chain traceability of how funds were used. You can check out the relevant article in Defender Advisor for best practices on working with a multisig - while it’s focused on administrative operations rather than funds management, many of the concepts there still apply.

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