Security of Relay private key

I just sucessfully setup defender relay to run kp3r jobs. And I also plan to bond some amount of kp3r to the relay. Maybe not necessary, but I have some concerns if my bonded fund is safe , any other people coudl access my relay private key? And the relay private key can be used to recover fund in other wallets just in case I have to do?

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Hi @wangli,

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All private keys are stored in the AWS Key Management Service. Keys are generated within the KMS and never leave it, i.e., all sign operations are executed within the KMS.

Thanks for the feedback! I will think about it.

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Hi @wangli,

Feel free to ask all the questions that you need.

Let me know if we can improve the documentation or Defender to help with this explanation.

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hi @abcoathup,

So the ECDSA signature is performed in the KMS vault ? I didn’t know they were supporting that algorithm, sounds great!

Yep, it’s supported since Nov 2019!