Use Tokens to Gate Any Content Anywhere

Hey all! My name’s Luis, and some friends and I recently made a platform that allows you to token gate content no matter where it lives. If you have something that lives on YouTube, Spotify, Vimeo, Substack, Github, Pinterest, Google docs, Twitch, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Zoom, Figma, Trello, and several other sites listed here, or your own website, you can restrict access for only people that hold your token or a token of your choosing.

Here’s a short demo to give you a visual of how this works using an OpenZeppelin YouTube video.

We designed this for social token creators so they could protect exclusive content with their token, but this works for any ERC-20, 721, & 1155 token, and we just added Ether to the list. So if you want to support a project that has a token, you can by making great content and token gating it with that token. If your content is in demand, people will buy that token, not just to hold, but for a new layer of utility added to it thanks to Token Protected Pages; TPP is what we call this thing we built.

Here’s the catch, we’re still in open beta, so there are still bugs and more features we need to add to it. That’s why we need you to test it out and let us know what’s missing.

But besides that it’s totally free to use and you don’t have to spend, transfer, mint, or do any other functions that normally require you to pay gas fees. Just paste a link to your content, pick a token (or grab a contract address), and generate a link. You can share that link anywhere and only other token holders can click through to your content.

Thanks for your time! And hmu or comment below if you have any questions!

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Hi @Jshanks21,

Thanks for sharing. :pray:

I was in a Discord and someone just shared a link protected by DFAME. :smile:

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That’s awesome! Do you mind if I ask what Discord it was?

We’re hoping to pick up traction with some new features we’re adding over the next week. So hopefully you’ll see more out there. :grin:

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Flex Enterprise Alliance:

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