Need help verifying contract on Etherscan

So I created a coin and now need to verify on etherscan.
I’ve signed up for the account and verified and through the process I try to copy over my “flat” file, but I cannot get the code to verify.
Does anyone have an easy (updated) process that will work for this?
Please keep in mind I have no idea what I am doing. I used the OpenZeppelin ERC20PresetFixedSupply.sol

How did you deploy? How did you get the “flat” file?

Hi thanks for reply, I deployed on Ethereum Remix as an OpenZeppelin imported file, from “ERC20PresetFixedSupply.sol”

Flat file come from “FLATTENER” in Ethereum Remix. I’ve tried using the other plugins there to verify also, but with no success on Etherscan

You may have the compiler version or optimizer parameters wrong.

We have a tutorial for this coming up in the next few days.

My version in the file is 0.8.0 and in the compiler was 0.8.1… I selected 0.8.1 since that’s how it was compiled through the program. Is that right?


I’ll check out the link in a bit but the text seems to be cut off and doesn’t have the “Copy the whole code to…” in the link so I’m unsure… that is about the step I am at though… I have compiled the flattened file, just need to know what goes where now.


I think I figured this out on my own, thanks everyone

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