URGENT (I'LL PAY) - Looking Dev

Hi guys, I just trying to finish a project on BSC I also have ready the ERC721 smart contracts wich will interact with ERC20 and there is not problem... I tried ERC721 on Remix and Deploy it very well

But the problem is at the moment that I want to compile the ERC20 smart contract there is some bugs that I want to fix I have all code ready just to analyze and see where is the problem going.

I can pay I don´t have any problem to discuss this.

Please let me know.


I would like to assist you with your requirement, please reach me at seth@cisinlabs.com to discuss further.



Hope you resolved your issues?

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have you resolved it?

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Thanks buddy. You helped me a lot... 100% trusted guy ... :+1:

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What's the current situation? Do you need it?