Unidentified contract: OpenSea not reading 'name' property on mainnet

Hi Everyone,

I originally had an issue with my contract in which I kept seeing my contract listed as "Unidentified" in OpenSea.

I was able to solve this on OpenSea's testnet by following the advice listed here: Unidentified contract: OpenSea is unable to "understand" ERC-1155

Unfortunately the behavior on mainnet has not been consistent with the testnet. On mainnet I still get "unidentified contract".

See below.

(Implementation of 'name' property in contract)

  string public name; 
  function setName(string memory _name) external {
    name = _name;

(^Contract name correctly displayed in testnet)

When the same contract is deployed to main net i get the following.

(^Unidentified contract on mainnet)

Does anyone have any feedback regarding this?